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Fitness & nutrition facility owners, operators, managers and directors --

Studio. Box. Gym. Club. YMCA. Weight loss center. No matter the format, membership size or number of locations, Inciteful can immediately create value for members, prospects & staff -- at no cost to you -- with CONNECT Lite.

  • Instantly offer online body analysis to prospects & members in your locations

  • Automatically deliver personalized education that highlights your expertise

  • Create engagement that drives revenue opportunity

  • Give staff insight into prospect and member needs

  • Begin to implement needs analysis at scale without added labor

The Experience

Prospects & members simply scan a QR code to access your custom-branded, mobile-friendly web app, spend 1-2 minutes providing information, then get a walk-thru of their results -- with explanations and context-setting graphics.

Online Body Analysis Process

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How do I implement CONNECT Lite?

Once your custom-branded Inciteful web app is created for your primary facility, you can begin conducting and benefiting from online body analyses with just a few simple steps.



Set up additional locations in your web app so you can roll out everywhere.


Add staff as web app users and invite them to try Inciteful for themselves.



Post your app QR code in your facility - front desk, fitness areas, locker rooms.


Have staff personally invite prospects & members to take a body analysis.



Monitor your web app for completions and review body analysis results. 


Initiate follow-up conversations to discuss results and recommendations. 

Our Promise

No-Hassle Implementation with Support

There is no programming, special technical expertise or systems integration required to implement CONNECT Lite.

If you need help getting started with or making the most out of your web app, our support team can answer your questions, assist you with set-up, and show you how to make Inciteful a tool used consistently by your members and staff.


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